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Every year my New Year’s Resolution has been something about me I wanted to improve.  Whether it be to get into that swimsuit, grow out my hair, accessorize more…it’s always been external and about my body.  I didn’t want to do that this year.  Not this time.  I want 2017 to be about something better and something bigger than myself. Something that impacted others as well as myself.  The older I get the more I feel comfortable in my skin, in my thoughts and realize how important feeling connected is…relationships…emotion.  The end of the year is an opportunity to reflect on the past 12 months and ask if this is where I wanted to be.  A year ago reading that question I would have thought about material things, a job title or if I finally took a trip I wanted.  This year I paused….I asked myself if I was where I wanted to be emotionally.  Did I feel connected?

The answer was while I had amazing family and friends who would be there in a moment’s notice as I would do for them, I didn’t feel I had done enough to let them know I think of them often.  I’ve been absorbed with work, with family, with life so much so I felt I wasn’t “connected”.  In a day and age where we are more connected than ever before, it’s amazing to find my sense of “connectedness” wasn’t there.  My heart started beating as this realization set in.  I got excited thinking about ways I could show them they cross my mind.


My Resolution: Spread love.

 Once in mind it was so clear.  Yes!  Spread love!  I started writing in my notebook all the ways I could make this happen.  I have girlfriends who live in town and many who live across the country.  So I got creative.

  • Send a card in the mail with a note or even just a “hello! I hope your day is great!” –

  • Send a text to just say you’re thinking of them.  I promise you it’s WELL received.

  • OMG dare I say it: Call them.  Hearing each other’s voice is food for the soul I tell ya.  (Commutes to and from work are great times!)

    • Make it formal, by send them a $5 Starbucks ecard and invite them to a “virtual coffee date”.

  • Ask someone to lunch/dinner/or even just a coffee date to catch up

  • Send a 365 daily tear off calendar that you’ve written notes in on random days.

  • Send flowers

I kicked off January with a bang! I read January is the worst month with a day actually called Blue Monday. This year it’s January 16th.  You really start to miss that sun and my gosh the wind, snow and sleet can leave you feeling cold inside and out.  I wanted to send some sunshine!   I picked 3 girlfriends and sent them all flowers….just because. Because they matter to me.  (Thank you Groupon for the rebates off flowers because it made it possible).


I included a fun little note with a line I learned from a dear friend Audrey “Shine Bright like the gorgeous diamond you are!”  ( I can tell you I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the gentleman taking my order who had to repeat it to ensure it was correct).

 Just in time for Blue Monday and if you’re feeling like me at all…I challenge you to do one and just see how you feel.  Gestures don’t have to be grand or cost a lot of money.  They just need to be thoughtful.  I hope I’ve inspired you to spread a little love.





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