Month: July 2017

Dream Pinterest Laundry Room!

You know you’ve reached adult status when a highlight of a month was having your dream laundry room come to reality! I have a PINTEREST laundry room!!! My husband Chris is such a trooper.  He finally saw my vision and agreed coming home to… Read More

A Perfect Way to Start the Day

Okay seriously without coffee…well lets just trust me on this one.  So accepting this, if you’re like me, how I start my day matters.  So I created for myself the perfect coffee station.  All you need is: Your perfect brewing machine.  Mine happens to… Read More

Fresh Centerpiece for Summer

The dining room is truly one of my favorite rooms.  It was the must have on the list of rooms to have when buying our home.  Even though it’s only used a handful of times a year the days it is used are… Read More

Making Home Yours

As you know I’m a wanna be pet photographer. What that means is: 1. I love animals 2. I LOVE having photos up on walls.  They bring a smile to my face every time I pass by them.  I created a little collage… Read More

Wake Up Call

This week I had a scary experience for myself. I was on a longer business trip (3 nights) and have been going hard at work for…well a very long time. I was sitting through a meeting at 2pm when I felt the… Read More

Changing a job

A job change can take an emotional toll.  The fear of the unknown, the feeling of change, and the overwhelming feeling of “do I have time for this?” because you’re so overwhelmed in life and in work currently is tough.  These were… Read More

A Gem of a find

Had to share one of my favorite time saving, time investment, cherished finds.  Truly.  So first, I have to tell you about our Christmas present.  Chris and I instead of buying each other gifts, pick something bigger we really want together.  This… Read More

Valentines Day Plans

Valentines Day is one of those holidays I’ve found people either love or hate.  For me it’s always been one I’ve loved.  Do I believe we need one single day to choose as the day to show love?  No, but I love… Read More

The Power of Social Media!

Two years ago I started an Instagram….for my dog…yep you read that right. His accountis @kingsly2015. Chris and I just picked up our little boy Kingston Marshall, a red fawn Chinese Shar-Pei, in Oklahoma.  His breeder drove up from Texas and met… Read More

How do you manage a cold?!

How in the world can a cold knock you dead off your feet?! Holy freakin crap.  ($@^#) Where is mom when you need her the most to rub your back and tuck you in?  Ha! I knew it was going to get… Read More