Had to share one of my favorite time saving, time investment, cherished finds.  Truly.  So first, I have to tell you about our Christmas present.  Chris and I instead of buying each other gifts, pick something bigger we really want together.  This last Christmas we chose a fence for our pups!  Oh. My. Gosh.  Life changing!!  We still take our pups out for a full walk around the block, but it’s not 3 times a day leashing them up and heading out with our doggie bags in some days 0 degree weather.  Now, there is a beautiful option to open the back door and let them run FREE!  Zoomies!!

 I’m grateful for the day I got the sponsored email from Doody Calls and I actually paused to read it.  Could it be true?  At this price someone will come and in a “grid like pattern” search our yard and take with them our little pei presents?!  SOLD.

As I get older I realize how precious time is.  It’s the only thing you can’t negotiate more of, purchase or get back.  As I’ve realized this I’ve made it a priority to figure out how to efficiently manage my time.   I’m not saying every chore in life should be farmed out.  And if I had children this may be a chore that teaches them the value of hard work and responsibility, but for us we just want to enjoy our pups and run around a present free yard.  No joke, one of my favorite days is when I see this truck pull up.  Absolutely love it!

Deal alert:  If you’re interested reach out to them. Get a quote for your yard.  Mention my name and we both get a week FREE!

1.800.DoodyCalls (366.3922) or visit their website www. DoodyCalls.com

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