Okay seriously without coffee…well lets just trust me on this one.

 So accepting this, if you’re like me, how I start my day matters.  So I created for myself the perfect coffee station.  All you need is:

  1. Your perfect brewing machine.  Mine happens to be a Keuring. The “strong” feature is what gets me through.  Although I’ve been eyeing the new Nesprressso machines.  I mean c’mon even George Clooney did a commercial for them! Anyone have one and care to share how they like it?

  2. Fun motivational saying that makes you smile, laugh, or just appreciate life so you can have that in mind when starting your day.

  3. The perfect mug. My obsession with Rae Dunn is in full swing so today…I pick Dream Big!

 Ta-Da! The perfect coffee station!  Do you have a super cute coffee station? I want to see pics!! Post on my Facebook page! Lets inspire each other!

 (Today I may finally fix the time on this thing…ha!)

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