Birthdays are my favorite!!!   It’s a new year, potentially new you and just a fresh start to your hopes and dreams.  As I get older I’ve learned to appreciate my birthdays.  It’s funny, as you start out in life you look forward to those milestone birthdays. Can’t wait to be 13 and my parents will take me seriously because I’m a TEEN!  Or the very liberating 16th birthday because now we have FREEDOM!!  The very long wait to get to 21 and go to a bar to be an “adult” with a glass of wine. LOL!  Then….then it’s oh gosh….how long can I push off going into mid twenties…what are my 30s going to be like?  I used to think 30 was so old.  Those are the real grown ups and here I am close and closer. Then it happens…you cross over into 30s and every day for me since I’ve learned more about who I am.  Who I want to be – that I can decide this.  I’ve begun to understand the saying “getting comfortable in my own skin”.  It’s pretty damn amazing.

I wish I could impose these feelings on 20 somethings and teens.  That life can be what you make it. But I think there is something about going through it and figuring it out that makes this realization even more powerful.

Those flowers are what I sent my sister this year for her birthday.  Man am I proud of this girl.  Single mom raising 2 boys, getting her Masters degree and just closed on her very own HOME.  She lives about two hours south of me in a small town we grew up in.  I love how small towns they know your voice!  I called the Flower Box and ordered her all white flowers.  I didn’t even need to give an address. Ha!  That day she ended up being sick and they knew about it before I did and changed the delivery to her home.  (I know, right?!)

I chose all white flowers all all kinds.  Even special ordered my favorites hydrangeas.   My life coach (which I will write about one day) talks to me about envisioning the color you are.  Always checking in with yourself.  I’ve been red and full of passion and drive and other times I’ve been blue for calm and steady.  I love being yellow thinking of the sun and warmth, but I’ve had my year of gray before.  Which is a shade.  Not even a color as I went through some tough times and had to really work on myself.  Each color will mean something different to each of us, but try it.

Stop right now.  Close your eyes.  Ask yourself “What color am I?”.  That little voice that speaks to you before you can even think.  The gut feeling it will answer.  Whatever it is think about what that color means to you.  I can’t wait to hear!!

The note I sent my sister with these flowers: “All white flowers- Fresh start, New Year, New you. Choose the color you want to be this year”

Much love,



One Comment on “Birthdays are amazing! Yes, I’m serious.

  1. Love you……… ❤ I have read this and come back to it and read it again… I am so proud of who you have become!!!


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