A job change can take an emotional toll.  The fear of the unknown, the feeling of change, and the overwhelming feeling of “do I have time for this?” because you’re so overwhelmed in life and in work currently is tough.  These were my feelings and then some.  I also had feelings of guilt.  So much guilt that I hadn’t chosen a good time.  We are in the middle of a few huge projects.  Was I letting my team down?  How would they manage?

February 22nd I turned in my notice in my current role and am embarking on a new role I’m THRILLED about, but my gosh the feeling of guilt was strong.  I dreaded the conversation with my boss.  Could barely sleep the night before.  And each day since I’ve felt a larger cloud of guilt hang over my head as my list of responsibilities, now written out visually, continues to grow longer and longer of what I’m leaving behind for the team to manage.

Then comes my Husband’s wisdom.  “They will be okay and they will figure it out.  People leave their jobs all the time and usually only provide 2 weeks.  You’re giving 30 days my love.  Think about YOUR future.”

This simple response cut through my noise and made it to my heart.  As I look to the future and to where I’m going…I AM excited!  New responsibilities. Learning, growing and stretching my mind!  Just like when I left my previous role for the position I was currently doing, I learned so much and experienced so much.  The photo to the right is of an advisory board full of orthopedic surgeons where we went outside the box and hired a graphic recorder to add an element of fun.  This was me leading a session.  How cool is that?!  I had never done one, but here I was. I went on to lead 14 more and garnered incredible experience.

 Three years later I’m ready for more.  NEW challenges. It’s important to continue to be challenged.  To develop more brain wrinkles with every new thing you learn.

I say to you reading this.  Take inventory.  Are you learning?  Are you challenged?  By challenged I mean in learning new things vs workload?  This can be very gray and are two very different things.  How do you feel in your environment?  How does your position affect your mood and your life? You spend more time at work than you do at home.  Make sure you’re happy. It transcends into your personal life.

These questions will spark emotion if you really think about them.  Write it down.  Personal check ins about life, similar to my gratitude sessions I’ve written about, are good for the soul.   You may find it’s not a new Company.  Maybe it’s a new role within your current organization or maybe it’s not a new role at all.  Instead a conversation with your boss about what else you can be doing to learn and make a difference.

No organization is perfect — the same way no community is perfect — but if you take inventory and get real with yourself I believe you can find fulfillment in your job.  Not to say we live to work, but we do spend more time there than at home.  Make sure you’re learning, stretching and growing. 



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