I promised to share products I’ve found that are fun and “in”, but also try to focus on helping small business.  Well…I have one for you!!  Have you seen friends and celebrities sporting gorgeous gold bar necklaces?  My gosh I fell in LOVE!  I’m talking about some of my favs like my (I wish she was my BFF) Jennifer Aniston or Jessica Alba and even the super smart and stunningly beautiful Emma Watson (cannot wait for Beauty and the Beast….who’s with me right?).

I found a small company right here in St. Louis who makes them and ALSO personalizes!!  I don’t have human children, but I do have furkids…and yes she put both of their names on mine with a little heart.  I wear it out being totally fashionable (ha!) but have my little peibies with me (my kids are Shar Pei).


The company is A Blase Jewelry.  Everything is handmade and 14k gold filled.  They are fun to work with and fast!

You can find them here.  She has so much to choose from and it’s affordable!  I mean being a fashionista AND supporting small business?!  Serious win win.

My Pup Kingston Marshall even approves!  He will be letting his fans know too!  Yes, my dog has a facebook and instagram page.  I promise you a whole other blog post on why this is okay, fun and can even make you some extra funds. 🙂  Check him out on facebook or on his Instagram.





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