How in the world can a cold knock you dead off your feet?! Holy freakin crap.  ($@^#) Where is mom when you need her the most to rub your back and tuck you in?  Ha! I knew it was going to get me when I watched my husband go throughthe whole process for 3 full days!  Then it hit me like a truck.  So of course I turned to Google and sent my husband on a trip to Walgreens!  He of course used only NyQuil…why? Because he’s a guy. LOL.

Not me.  I needed a game plan and I need relief!  I’m not a doctor and none of this is prescription or guaranteed to work, but it really helped me so I had to share.

1st: Hydration!  I had water mostly, but Gatorade really did the trick for me.

2nd: Vaseline.  Amazing how when you’re growing up it’s always there, but I never had it in my own home.  This will last forever! After all the nose tissue touch ups this REALLY helped.

3rd: Speaking of nose touch ups…can I just tell you Puffs Plus Lotion is life changing?  Oh my gosh it smells SO good and it’s SOOO soft.  Wow.

4th: Vicks Sinex Severe…holy Jesus…thank you for being in my life.  WOW is all I can say.  It coated my nose in every spot like a cool mist that calmed the irritation, pain and swelling in one miracle spray.  No joke…I sat there just saying wow to my husband.  Swear. Ask him.  I got a full night’s sleep with mouth closed breathing LOL! (Bowing down to Vicks.)

5th: My new bedside Walgreens humidifier.  Thank you Walgreens for the cool, moist air.

My bedside was a little cold remedy pharmacy lol!  What are you tricks to battling a cold?  I’m all ears and ready to be prepared for next time around!


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