I’m absolutely in LOVE!  I searched and searched Pinterest and even posted my living room on 3 different facebook groups looking for ideas of what to do with the left side of my wall!


Oh my gosh!  Let me tell you about City Prints.  Their whole idea is just genius.  What better than framing images of important cities in your life?!  It’s wall art that has meaning and a story.  You can pick ANY city, country or even stadium layout!  I’m serious, you can even zoom in frame your current neighborhood.  Maybe it’s your first apartment on your own…or your first house together…or where you grew up….ENDLESS possibilities.  Talk about the perfect gift too! Housewarming, Wedding, Birthday…for YOURSELF.  It’s timeless stunning art.

 I chose their “cities at night” collection of Washington D.C. and St. Louis, MO.  Our first trip together where it all started and our home town.


My photo does NOT do it justice.  My husband (who usually cringes every time a box shows up on our door) even commented days after how much he really loved them.

 This business started in January 2012 and are family business!  They send a little newsletter with a picture of themselves included too.  It felt good to also be supporting a family.

Click on image to see their site!

(This is not a sponsored post.  Just honest to goodness love of a product)

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