Valentines Day is one of those holidays I’ve found people either love or hate.  For me it’s always been one I’ve loved.  Do I believe we need one single day to choose as the day to show love?  No, but I love that it’s a reminder to continue to love.

It’s a day single, dating, engaged or married to share some love with others which is something I’m passionate about.

When I was single I would plan dates with girlfriends.  We would get dressed up and take ourselves to some fancy restaurant downtown.  Growing up in teenage years it was stressful.  What is he going to get me and I need to make sure I match that. So funny the things we worry about, because it always truly is the thought that counts.

Now, married it’s been a day we do something for ourselves that reminds us to continue to do something and not get caught up in life  This year we are planning to go to a dine in movie theater.  Have you been to one?  Seriously, press a button and they bring you food and DRINKS!  Our movie of choice John Wick 2.  Have you seen the first one?  OMG.  Something so amazing about a man and his dog.  (Y’all know I’m a dog lover).

 We have our tickets for 7:30pm on a Tuesday night. That is LATE for us and exciting that we are going out during the WEEK!  Again, great little made up holiday to remind us to get out and enjoy some time together.

 I also plan to send notes in the mail, some texts and maybe even some flowers to some gals. (y’all also know I love flowers)  If you have some single friends, friends going through a tough time or some one in your life you know could use some sunshine….lets do it together.  Lets spread LOVE!


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