This week I had a scary experience for myself. I was on a longer business trip (3 nights) and have been going hard at work for…well a very long time.

I was sitting through a meeting at 2pm when I felt the right side of my head begin to hurt. By the next meeting at 3pm it moved to also cover the left side of my head with one of the sharpest pains I’ve ever felt in my life. By 4pm I was nauseous and in the bathroom vomiting. My client drove me to the ER with tears streaming down my face just completely freaked out.

Head injuries or pain are taken seriously at the ER. They took me back for a CT scan and IV. My blood pressure was high and they found my potassium to be high. After a clear scan I got Benadryl, steroids, IV fluids and pain meds. I was told I was having a severe migraine! Never in my life have I ever experienced one and gosh do I never want that to happen again.

Triggers: Lack of sleep, stress is all they had to say. My client told the doctor “Well we are launching a drug next week”. For me this is one of 4 clients I’m currently working on. To say I’m stressed is an understatement. To feel helpless and like your body has said “enough” is well…SCARY.

What I learned this week:

  • Listen to your body

  • We are only human too and people care – My client stayed with me the whole time. The Executive Director came and waited in the waiting room until I was released just for a hug. The VP of Commercial text, VP of Medical text, I got emails. They told me to fly home early the next day and take the day off. They covered for me in a very important meeting. As much as I was embarrassed, afraid they may feel like I’m not up for the challenge, it was the COMPLETE opposite. We can be our own worst critics and the hardest on ourselves.

  • We must rest – My biggest learning is learning to rest. It is a MUST on the to do list.

  • We cannot do it all ourselves – For my ego I learned from an author I’ve just fallen in love with that I will be sharing with you who said “It means you’re in the game, not on the sidelines. If you’re playing full on, you’re going to take some hits. Take it like the light warrior that you are. Rely on your team. And get back up and run farther, even faster.” The words that hit home are rely on your team. No one can do this alone and I’m not broken…I’m just in the GAME!

 This is a hard story to share, but if helps one person it was worth the post.

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