A family of 3 pups we’ve become!!  The humans are outnumbered and we love it!!  My gosh are we excited and just so thrilled they love each other too!  Day 1 was a huge success.  All get along and only 1 accident in the house!  First night had only 1 middle of the  night potty break.  3am is tough, but when those little eyes look at you…you’re up and out.

We got our little Edmond from a breeder in Iowa: PlentyAWrinkles Todd Fellows.  So impressed with the lines he had, facility and his communication through out.  We  found him through one of my pet photography shoots.  Alyssa scheduled a session and told me she was bringing Shar Pei!  I met Wrigley who had the most waggly tail and oh my word he was gorgeous!  I was in love.  I posted a photo from the session on Kingston’s instagram and had followers tell me I should have used the flash as a decoy and taken him home! Ha!! Since then Alyssa and I have become friends with puppy play dates and now have pups who are related.  It’s amazing how life brings people in your life.

 Some may think “wow…3 dogs…isn’t that  bit much?”  For us…it’s not.  We are overjoyed with the idea of 3 little pei butts running around the house, playing in the backyard and teaming up for serious pei patrol.  It’s funny when we talked about the timing to get our third Shar Pei deep inside I had a feeling of “What will people think?”.  (Here I am in my 30s worried about what people will think of me!)  I still didn’t tell my husband for a good month I was feeling this way.

I should have right away, because that is where one of my husband’s most amazing qualities really shined.  He said “It doesn’t matter what people think.  We do what makes us happy.”  I really have to remind myself to take that to heart.   It’s true in so many ways.  Whether it’s a purchase you’ve made, a profession you’ve chosen, the city you’ve decide to call home or getting a third pup. To remember. It’s YOUR life to LIVE. Chris and I evaluate our life no kidding at least a few times a week during our gratitude conversations. (He doesn’t know I’ve named them, but they happen naturally) We keep in the front of minds how grateful we are for all the opportunities we’ve had and also recognized how hard we’ve worked to get here.  It’s remembering night school while working a full time job, tough childhoods growing up, but also as adults making it through divorces and truly understanding our own emotions and figuring out who we are.  Making a conscious effort to decide who we want to be.

 I say to you reading this…do what makes you happy (as long as it’s not a hazard to your health).  Live your life out loud and full.  And take pause every now and then and be proud of what you’ve accomplished.  Celebrate the small wins too! They matter.  The key to happiness I’m learning is gratitude.  Reminding yourself of how far you’ve come.  Especially on those days where the world feels heavy.  Write it down, say it out loud…look in the mirror and remind yourself how bad ass you really are.  My puppy post turned into a mini motivational gratitude speech today, but I’m feeling it and wanted to get it out.  And now off to some puppy breath!!

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