You know you’ve reached adult status when a highlight of a month was having your dream laundry room come to reality! I have a PINTEREST laundry room!!!
My husband Chris is such a trooper.  He finally saw my vision and agreed coming home to this beauty every day is how you want to end your day.


This is the before when you would walk in front the garage.  You can see I tried with little baskets and a picture on the wall to do something with it.  The after shows our custom built in shelfs that housed the washer and dryer so they felt like they were part of the room.

I wanted everything to have a place.

In the middle I put the detergent and softener in fun glass containers I got at Michaels.  A fun little sign to brighten the room.  I also placed clothes pins for the theme in a glass jar I got from Amazon.  The dryer sheets are in a mesh container.  They sit in a box so why not have them out. Smells good!!




This is the other side with the door that leads to the garage.  It’s the PERFECT place to hang a scarf, coats and drop of shoes. I love the little cubbies at the bottom.
I had the built ins built by Country Road LLC. I had a tiler come in and put in the backsplash which is blue glass subway tile.  A huge thank you to my husband Chris for approving and also painting the room one of my favorite blues!!


Truly amazing before and after.  Right?! The below is NOT inspiring. Can I get an Amen?






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