One my my dear friends accepted a new job in New Jersey.  She now would be a Vice President!  A huge accomplishment and achievement…but she had to move from our hometown St. Louis, MO where her family also is.  Choosing professional career first was a tough decision. But that’s where family and friends come in to remind her this cared for her family, she’s achieved this, should be proud, and she can always move back. This isn’t forever. So with that….we must CELEBRATE!

I decided to throw a dinner party for her them and knew I needed a theme. I wanted this to be special. It came to me.

“Bloom where you are Planted”

It was perfect and true.  We should all bloom where we are planted.  Just like flowers you dig up all the roots and carefully move them to a new pot and plant them. Give enough attention, water, and love and the flower can thrive.


And the party planning took off. I needed fresh flowers. EVERYWHERE.  I found the cutest little flower shop The Flower Stop in Cottleville, MO who ordered me special roses from a pininterest post I found.  They also ordered me some greenery and BAM. I was able to make my own flower arrangements.  They had the perfect splashes of color, smell and made a statement.



Next it was tableware.  I pulled out all my whites, but then special ordered these beautiful water glasses on  Because they said what we were doing. CELEBRATE. Of course had some refreshments as I prepared the meal!

For table settings I ordered pink and brown napkins and wrapped them around the main course plate with the salad plate on top. I found a beautiful purple whimsical looking flower to place on each one too. It was the perfect touch.

Each place setting had a water glass and of course a wine glass. I planned for a white and red.



Then came one of my favorite things! I found a local baker Naptime Creations who created the most amazing (and delicious) cake of ROSES!!!

Yes my friends…GORGEOUS and PERFECT for the occasion. Highly recommend them. Order. This. Cake. #noregrets



My last item was a custom made painting from Quaint Vintages that said “Bloom where you are planted” which we signed the back of. It was something she could take with her and place in her new office knowing she carried our love and support with her.

We shared laughs, good food, and were surrounded by the smell of fresh flowers. It was definitely a night to a remember.



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