About Me

The girl behind the fun.

Here we go! My name is Erika Sinner. (Yup that’s right, official and totally truth).

I’ve always wanted to start a blog! Do I think I’m the most interesting person in the world? Heck NO! But boy am I living life to the fullest and having a great time!

I’m also on my path to healthy living, about to embark on a huge home remodel, adding a third pup to our life, and figuring out what success looks like for me while working through

Corporate America and my pet photography business I launched last year.

Sooo…yeah I think there will be LOTS to write about and something you can relate to in there.

I’m also really interested in finding unique fun things to share. I’m not talking monthly subscriptions to boxes (although I’ll add those too because I can’t help myself), but also supporting small businesses across the country. Will need your help in this too! Cute stuff and supporting a dream — fun right?!

So here we are…embarking together because you’re taking on a chance on me by following my page!  This could either be TOTALLY fun or a colossal fail. All I’m feeling is GO! It’s about time and LETS DO THIS!

(My husband and I, because he’s my rock. My best friend and the one who tells me “babe you can do anything”. So here we go!)